For the hell of it.

2010-12-08 03:19:30 by DarksbaneTheDog

Since I'm on Newgrounds anyway.. I thought I might post a blog.
I guess my last one was in 2008.
Anyways, I used to do animations when I was a younger in 2005 (or around that time) but I've since moved onto music.
I'm currently doing this electro pop project thing called The Loneliest Narwhal.
The Loneliest Narwhal on myspace.
If you're reading this, go check it out!
Okay that is all.
Bye Newgrounds!


2008-05-31 20:52:27 by DarksbaneTheDog

Hi, I'm Darksbane.
So yeah, I just felt like posting a blog here.

Yeah, i'm more into music now .

But I still watch movehs and flashes on newgrounds cos they're nice to watch, y'know? I mean I enjoy me a good flash movie from time to time.